TURN ME ON, DEAD MAN - Mike "The Main Event" Edison on The Undertaker

One of my favorite reader/writer/raconteurs talks about America's favorite zombie wrestler, THE UNDERTAKER. 

Here's a recording of Mike Edison's "Turn Me On, Dead Man" (as seen at Kevin Geeks Out About Wrestling). Mike digs into the Undertaker's past and looks at his place in the history of weird wrestling gimmicks. 

Kevin & Matt Geek Out About Zombies is Saturday April 4th at the Alamo Drafthouse. 



Edwin Porter's 1903 western THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY is best known for a gimmicky closing shot: a bandit aims his pistol at the camera and fires. This trope gets used in dozens of movies, here Martin Scorcese explains why he used the outlaw shot as the coda in GOODFELLAS

The outlaw shot is also seen in television -- especially in shows by Vince Gilligan. Here are all the times someone points a gun at the camera in BREAKING BAD and BETTER CALL SAUL

Walter White prepares for a showdown with the police. 
(Breaking Bad: Pilot. Season 1, episode 1)  
Jesse shows Jane his drawing of Kanga-Man (half-man, half-kangaroo.)
(Breaking Bad: Grilled. Season 2, episode 10)
"You don't have to do this," Gale tells Jesse.
(Breaking Bad: Full Measure. Season 3, episode 13)
Walt buys a handgun and practices his draw.
(Breaking Bad: Thirty-Eight Snub. Season 4, episode 2)

Jesse visits Walt to ask about a cigarette.
(Breaking Bad: End Times. Season 4, episode 12)
Walt's gun practice pay off in the lab.
(Breaking Bad: Face Off. Season 4, episode 13)
Walt and Walter Jr. watch SCARFACE on TV.
(Breaking Bad: Hazard Pay. Season 5, episode 3) 
Bob Odenkirk says that Aaron Paul once needed 5 minutes to
 "work his mind into a state of fear and anxiety for a scene." Could this be that scene?
(Breaking Bad: Confessions. Season 5, episode 11)
ASAC Schrader will not stand down.
(Breaking Bad: To'hajilee. Season 5, episode 13)
"Opie-eye motherfucker" Todd shoots to kill.
(Breaking Bad: Ozymandias. Season 5, episode 14)
Tuco Salamanca aims at Jimmy McGill while Abuelita talks about seltzer.
(Better Call Saul: Mijo, Season 1, episode 2)

Mike Ehrmantraut pulls the trigger.
(Better Call Saul: Five-O. Season 1, episode 6)

Breaking Bad promotional photo.

The gun is slightly off, so this one doesn't count.
Ironically this is the ending of the episode where they rob a train.
(Breaking Bad: Dead Freight. Season 5, episode 5)
Both BREAKING BAD and BETTER CALL SAUL fit into what Scorcese calls "a tradition of outlaws" in America. Did we miss any examples from Vince Gilligan's shows? Maybe something from THE LONE GUNMEN? Tell me in the comments. 

Click here for another gallery of OUTLAW shots in films. 

Trailer and details for Kevin & Matt Geek Out About Zombies



Why look, it's live-action OOKLA THE MOK

Making a rare appearance at the 1983 NBC "Yummy" Awards for NBC Saturday morning shows. 

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Noah Tarnow (The Big Quiz Thing), Kevin Maher (Kevin Geeks Out) and Matt Wasowski (Nerd Nite)
introduce the show and get the audience to say the Brain Jam Pledge. 


The 2nd ever BROOKLYN BRAIN JAM - Sunday 3/15

KEVIN GEEKS OUT is teaming up with THE BIG QUIZ THING and NERD NITE for a spectacular 6-hour show. 
The Brooklyn Brain Jam
Sunday March 15th 
at Littlefield 622 DeGraw Street
Just $12 (get ticket HERE
and another link for directions

It's a buffet of nerdy, geeky entertainment, with

Multi-media and storytelling from KEVIN GEEKS OUT
Trivia Games with THE BIG QUIZ THING
Fun and heady presentations from NERD NITE

You can read this New York Times article about the previous BK Brain Jam. 

Here's the schedule for the day:


Joe Franklin's phone call

When I visited Joe Franklin's office he got a phone call. 

JOE: (answers phone) Si si?


Si si!


Si si. 


No, no. 


Si si. 

(hangs up, continues conversation with me)

* * * 

Rest in peace, Mr. Franklin. 


BATMAN podcast

I was a guest on Nick Nadel's new podcast MOVIES MY FRIENDS HAVE NEVER SEEN

Having never seen BATMAN RETURNS (1992) I was invited to watch the film and discuss it. 

Hear it here

(or here on iTunes )

Some highlights include: 
  • My Burton-as-Penguin theory.
  • "Batman Returns" is a tagline, not a title. 
  • One good reason to respect Tim Burton.
  • Me saying "um" a lot. 

BATMAN RETURNS was just added to Netflix Streaming, in case you want to revisit the film (or see it for the first time.) 

And here's a list of titles newly added to Netflix Streaming (We can finally see LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF.) 

A nod to the 1966 episode of the same title. 

Seriously, what does Catwoman want? 

Walken as Walken as Donald Trump as Harvey Dent Max Shreck 

*   *   * 




Today's post is from Lauren Wilson, author of THE ART OF EATING THROUGH THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. We're giving away a copy of her book at Thursday's ZOMBIE SHOW. (Can't wait? You can buy the book here.)

*      *      * 
Huh? There was a news report of some guy whacked out on bath salts eating some other dude’s face off in the street today? Hurmmmm, there was a piece in the paper about a lady being mauled to death by an unidentified wild animal in a nearby park?

Welcome to the zombie apocalypse! Tomorrow is a big day: you will be losing your head (hopefully not literally) trying to fend off the newly infected. On top of that, those pesky little weak spots in your fortress will surely present themselves, leaving you overwhelmed with survival and physical defense–focused activities.

Before you go to sleep tonight (if it even seems safe to do so), why not plan ahead for breakfast? Not only will it help use up some of your perishables (milk, eggs, butter, bread) before the power goes out, it will also give you a calorie-rich jumpstart to your undead-filled day.

If the power has already gone out, reduce the amount of time you soak the bread to a couple of hours and use an Oven Hack (page 41) to cook this bad boy.

Overnight of the Living Dead French Toast

Yields: 4 Hungry Survivor servings, 6 Regular Joe servings
Requires: Chef’s or survival knife and cutting board
1 bread knife
1 small mixing bowl
1 mixing spoon
1 fireproof baking dish (preferably 7″ x 11″)
1 large bowl
1 whisk (or fork)
Piece of foil, to cover baking dish
Heat Source: Indirect, conventional oven or other Oven Hack (page 41)
Time: 10 minutes prep
4–8 hours inactive soaking time
35 minutes unattended cooking time



To get ready for Thursday's ZOMBIE SPECTACULAR** at Nitehawk Cinema, here's an A-Z poem about horror films. 

A is for Alien, chest-bursting bitch

B is for Belial, makes baskets twitch

C's for Chatterer, cenobite #2

D is for Damien, this hanging's for you


8 GREAT HORROR MOVIES YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF (But I have, because I'm better than you) ***PARODY***

Looking for some super scary movies this Halloween? Horror Hound Kevin Maher rounds up some of the most obscure films you've never heard of, because you don't know anything. 

This Japanese nail-biter stars William Katt as a horror novelist staying in the most haunted house ever. An instant cult-classic -- and yet most people have never seen it!

Lovers of old movies will love this campy, tongue-in-cheek tribute to scary cinema.